Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't be afraid to order out...

It's a funny way to start a cooking blog, but don't be afraid to order out.  Sincerely, don't hesitate to just pick up something good to eat - because being with your family is a good, good thing.  I say this because I'm actually starting a cooking blog while I'm on vacation and not cooking.

I say this because I've just had some wonderful steamed shrimp, potatoes and corn on a family vacation - and none of us cooked it.

So, here's the cooking part of this blog: If you're on vacation, and you've either just arrived (and need to feed everybody) or need to just pull off a quickie dinner - don't hesitate to simply call up the local seafood market.  Once you get them on the phone ask:

  1. Are you open and how much longer?
  2. Do you have Royal Reds?
  3. Can you steam them while I wait?
  4. Lastly, do you have enough left to make the drive worth it?
Once you get back home with the shrimp - just eat them, pass out Capri Suns to the kids and crash.